This Privacy Policy describes our rules, regulations and procedures on the collection, use, disclosure, and sharing of your content, artifacts, personal information or personal data.

Account Information: Your name, phone and location details (if opted) are collected when the user registered. The phone model and operating system version are collected at registration and these info are used to improve the testing scenarios and coverage and will not be shared with anyone. The logged in users can provide contact information such as email id and change location and other details. Moreover all these details are optional so users need not provide these details if needed. All these info are not shared with anyone such as third parties or any marketing purposes. However your information may be shared with local govt if required to do so by law.

Communications: Your contact information i.e., phone and email id might be used to communicate with you in case of any appreciations or fake or illegal activities. By sharing your contact information, you allow us to use your contact information to communicate with you. Please note that there is no validation on your email id hence do not use any fake email id; instead, do not provide.

Contents: Your posts and comments are stored and available to your group members. Sometimes those will be quoted in our portal hence it may be publicly available to anyone. So the users are requested not to share their privacy details in the posts or comments or messages and even in the photo as these info are visible to group members. The posts are periodically removed from system automatically based on inactiveness or negative responses or irrelevances. For e.g. Post may be removed automatically if it has lots of negative comments or dislikes. Also the older posts especially the inactive posts will be removed periodically. Moreover group admins can remove anybody’s comments or posts when needed and the sender will be notified by a private message when admin removes a topic or comment. You may choose to remove the posts and comments that you posted at any time. These info will be removed from other devices when those group members are connected. There may be some issues in network which may not allow the app to delete the required data completely in those scenarios.

Please note that your content may be used to understand better on how users use our platform to evaluate, improve and make things better. The security of your information is important to us so we have implemented safeguards to protect the information we collect. However no website or Internet transmission is completely secure. If required, please do not provide unnecessary details. Hence request to change or correct your account information at any time.

App will request user permission to access phone contacts. Only name and phone number will be uploaded and processed in server and used in the app. The contact name with respect to the phone number will be shown instead of given username in the app for better understanding.

Removed or Deactivated Account: If you choose to remove your account, all of your content will be removed and will not be restored at any point of time even if you choose the same phone number next time.

Children’s Privacy: The platform does not knowingly collect or solicit personal information from anyone belong to children category based on local govt rules and regulations or knowingly allow such persons to register. If you know that these info are collected, please let us know so that those respective users can be removed immediately

Links to other Websites: The posts or messages may contain links to third party sites or online services. The platform / app is not responsible for the practices of such third parties, whose information practices are subject to their own policies and procedures, not to this Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions or grievances about our practices or rules or policies, please write to us from the app.

Users are requested to use this platform to discuss and comment on any topics however adviced to use for positive thoughts only. Our platform empowers everyone to share and care about everyone. Do not share information such as but not limited to (i) passwords; (ii) financial information such as bank account/credit card/debit card details; (iii) physical, physiological and mental health condition; (iv) sexual orientation; (v) medical records and history; (vi) biometric information etc which are not legal or not related to context. Our platform is not responsible for any mis-usage of app so please obey as per the local govt rules, regulations and laws. We do not tolerate content that attacks or disparages an individual or group based on race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, political group, sexual orientation or another similar characteristic. Abusive behavior directed towards private individuals is not allowed. Content should not make threats against others or advocate violence, including self-harm. These kind of posts or comments will be removed immediately by the admins.

The following but not limited to should be prohibited

  • Personal attacks, including hurtful, insulting, or hostile comments.
  • Making unjustified accusations against other user(s).
  • Engaging in a pattern of behaviour that constitutes harassment of a targeted person or persons, e.g., by making threats, repeated annoying and unwanted contacts, repeated personal attacks, or posting personal information.
  • Racial, sexual, homophobic, ageist, religious, political, ethnic, or other epithets directed against another contributor.
  • Using someone's affiliations as a means of dismissing or discrediting their views (this does not include pointing out a conflict of interest of relevance to the discussion at hand).
  • Speculating on the real life identity of an anonymous user.
  • Harassment

Users are not allowed to post content or comment like a tone that would be interpreted by a reasonable observer as a form of hate speech, particularly toward a race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, political group, sexual orientation or another similar characteristic. Do not use the platform to engage in unlawful activity or to promote illegal acts or any spam activities.

Be kind and respectful in your posts, comments and private messages. Engage with others in a constructive way and enable empowerment with everyone. Assume everyone is here to make the platform great with diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and opinions. It is OK to disagree, but please be kind and respectful to other users.

Be kind and respectful requires that people treat other people on the app with civility, respect, and consideration. Assume that others on the app are also trying to make it a great resource. Respect opposing or differing opinions, beliefs and conclusions. Try to listen to and understand others you may disagree with. Encourage others on the app to also be welcoming and respectful.

Personal attacks or insulting attacks directed at other people's content are not allowed. People should be civilized and respectful in disagreement with others and should not (1) make attacks or otherwise disparage other people, (2) refer to other people's content with insulting or disrespectful language, (3) harass others on the app or (4) advocate self-harm, even in a joking manner. These behaviors hurt the users and deter users from helping to create better environment

Given that another person on the app may be new and/or doesn't know you, we require a higher level of politeness than other interactive platforms where users know one another and/or where more adversarial social norms are established and tolerated. A key goal of the be kind and respectful policy ensures that posts and comments do not discourage or intimidate other users

Disagreement and debate is encouraged and is often important to making the context more helpful. It is OK to disagree as long as your comments are civil, respectful, and polite, and as long as you give the impression of assuming good will on the part of the person you are disagreeing with. In multi-comment threads where there is significant disagreement among people, a person should stop commenting on the thread before creating the reasonable impression that they are harassing, attacking, and/or bullying another person. The owner or admin should remove these kinds of posts or comments

You can use any of your name however please do not use another person’s identity. You are responsible for your posts, messages and comments hence do not post content that infringes any intellectual property or personal right of another party. The users are expected to respect the intellectual property rights of other users contents. Users need to avoid infringing copyrights of others. If you infringe copyrights of others, the post or comment may be removed. It is our policy, in appropriate circumstances and our discretion, to disable and/or terminate accounts of users who repeatedly infringe or are charged repeatedly with infringing the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of others.

Violating these rules and regulations will result in the removal of content and or terminating your account or even blacklisting your phone number. If you see something that you believe violates our guidelines or policies, please write to us from app menu and mark the posts as dislike. You may also delete those posts or comments if you are group admin. Content that violates this policy should be reported to and removed by group admins or owner. Depending on the severity the user may be banned immediately.