Topics based discussion forum with known groups of people

Our mission is to provide discussion forum to enable growth and empowerment of known groups of people. Our platform offers a place to post contents and discuss about the specific topics with groups of known people who contribute unique insights in the discussion.

How does it help?

Forum Talks has been developed to enhance specific user groups’ point of interests. The main objective of this application is to help the end users to bring the conversation on their specific topics.

App users create groups in Forum Talks and add registered users from phone contacts based on the created group’s objectives. The users post contents to the specific groups as topics and discuss on each topic by posting various comments i.e., expressing their views openly.

Sample use cases
* Assume that a group called ‘My family’ is created and it has all the family members as group users. The discussion topics could be like ‘My brother’s marriage’, ‘Trip to Maldives’, ‘House construction’ or ‘Lovable garden’ etc. These topics can be created under the specific My family group and the group users i.e., family members can post their comments on each individual topic. This will be very much interesting as each topic is organized separately and users can navigate and participate in any discussion at any point of time. Similarly, users can create different groups, post respective topics and discuss separately.

How is it different from others (WhatsApp, as an example)?

WhatsApp Forum Talks
There is no concepts of topic or comments. All posts are just sequential. Posts are categorized as topics and comments hence easy to navigate, view and read
Only sender can delete his/her posts for everyone Admins also can delete anyone's topics and comments
New joiners to the group can see posts sent only after the joined date New joiners to the group can access the earlier topics and comments
No likes or dislikes concepts Topics can be liked or disliked. Number of likes and dislikes helps users to go through the right topics
No filters are available so it is very difficult to follow or go through a topic and related contents Different filters are available to follow the interested topics and go through the comments easily
* However Forum Talks purpose is different than WhatsApp and WhatsApp has many rich features needed for its purposes.

Platform Differences